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Latest Sci-Fi Links

End Of Times
Post Apocalyptic Buffy The Vampire Slayer site set during 2013 in Cleveland and Akron, Ohio. Completely original plot.
Added May 5, 2013 - Category: Sci-fi Games

Scifi Arcade
Free games arcade with a scifi theme. Play free games here now and register to become an official SCIFI Gamer. Remember to check back often because we are always adding new games.
Added April 6, 2013 - Category: Sci-fi Games

One chapter of the novel appears each week. 1st seven chapters are free. Comments are asked for. 312 people, mostly children, escape the final nuclear war predicted by Polku Tallus, time traveler. Attacked by humans as they pass the moon and Mars, they survive only to be attacked by Megalarvs near Enceladus (Saturn).
Added January 14, 2013 - Category: Books & Authors

Scifi Games Online
A new Scifi games arcade where you'll find the best science fiction games. We have alien games, ufos, spaceships, and more. We are a new site but add new games every day.
Added October 4, 2012 - Category: Scifi Games

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